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Swing into Serenity: Canada’s Top Cities for Golf Enthusiasts

Canada, with its breathtaking landscapes and diverse climates, offers some of the most stunning golf courses worldwide. If you’re a golf enthusiast planning to relocate or seeking a new place to tee off, here’s a list of the best Canadian cities you should consider.

Oakville, Ontario

Home to the esteemed Glen Abbey Golf Club, host to numerous Canadian Open Championships, Oakville is a golfer’s paradise. Just a short drive from Toronto, this city boasts more than a handful of impressive golf courses.

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is not only Canada’s most bike-friendly city but also a golf lover’s delight. Thanks to a mild climate that allows year-round play, golfers can enjoy the city’s world-class courses like the Victoria Golf Club, Olympic View Golf Club, and the Bear Mountain Golf & Country Club.

Calgary, Alberta

The challenging terrains of Calgary golf courses, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains’ majestic backdrop, are a sight to behold. The Silver Springs Golf and Country Club and the Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club are among the must-visits.

Muskoka, Ontario

Referred to as “The Hamptons of the North,” Muskoka is well known for its tranquility and fantastic golf courses like the Muskoka Bay Club and the Ridge at Manitou, both offering golfers breathtaking views of pristine lakes and lush forests.

Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City’s golf courses exude a European charm that’s hard to ignore. The Fairmont Le Château Montebello Golf Club, renowned for its intriguing layout and scenic views, and the Club de Golf Royal Quebec, one of the oldest in North America, are worth exploring.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This prairie city hosts the Dakota Dunes Golf Links, a naturally created course that embraces the region’s undulating sand dune formations. This championship golf course is a must-play for serious golfers.

These cities combine Canada’s natural beauty with well-maintained courses that offer diverse challenges and beautiful landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking for a relaxed round, Canada’s golfing cities have something for everyone. So, swing into serenity in these golf-loving cities – the perfect way to enjoy Canada’s outdoors.

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