Life Insurance Agents

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As an advisor, the primary reason for considering life settlements is that they have the potential to help your clients. Although not all life insurance policies are good candidates for securing a loan or a life settlement, in certain circumstances these transactions could be the best option for dealing your client's redundant or unaffordable insurance contract.

Some Important Reminders for Financial Professionals:

Most Canadian policyholders are unaware that they have the rights to sell their policy

• However, written into the contractual paperwork of all Canadian life insurance is a policyholder’s right to transfer policy ownership and change the policy beneficiary.
•  Furthermore, Canadian policyholders may accept money for doing so.

Canadian Life Settlements Inc. (CLS) can buy policies in most provinces while working within provincial regulations:

• Businesses that are registered as Duly Authorized Agents of an insurer are permitted to facilitate Life Settlements in most provinces.

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