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Mr. MacDougall – Life Settlement Recipient

Reford MacDougall, esteemed Quebecer and Order of Canada recipient, shares how Canadian Life Settlements transformed his life insurance into a vital financial resource. Facing retirement’s financial strains, Reford capitalized on his policy’s value, alleviating monetary pressures without sacrificing his lifestyle. Reford thanks Canadian Life Settlement’s forward-thinking solutions dedication to enhancing financial freedom for Canadian seniors.

Mr. Adams – Life Advance Recipient

Morris Adams, a 91-year-old retired accountant, found himself in a situation where his wife’s health deteriorated to the extent that she needed full-time caregiving. The financial burden of caregiving had depleted his savings. Struggling with expensive life insurance premiums, Morris needed a solution. He spoke with Canadian Life Settlements and arranged a loan against his policy. This loan has provided Morris with the stability he needed, allowing him to continue caring for his wife without financial stress. Morris is thankful for the options that Canadian Life Settlements has provided him.

Mr. Ryan – Life Settlement Recipient

“I was introduce to Canadian Life Settlements by a friend with whom I was inquiring about similar kinds of offerings of which I was exposed while working in the US. I was told by some that it was not possible in Canada.

Having found you I was happy with my interaction with you and your staff. You were very knowledgeable and professional in our interactions. The Insurance companies with which we dealt and successfully completed the transactions made my life much easier financially for which I am extremely grateful. I do hope the Ontario laws are changed to remove the vagueness and fully allow this type of transaction to be accepted in Ontario and if that is done soon I’ll be happy to have you reengage the Insurance companies that hesitated and presented conditions.

Thank you for your help in making my life much easier especially because of the medical challenges I’m going through.”

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