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Discover the Secret to Unlocking Hidden Wealth in Your Life Insurance Policy!

Are you aware that there’s a powerful financial tool available to you that could potentially transform your financial situation and secure your future? It’s called a life settlement, and it has been revolutionizing the financial landscape, providing individuals like you with a unique chance to unlock the hidden value of life insurance policies.

By selling your policy to a third-party investor, you can receive a lump sum payment that exceeds the cash surrender value offered by your insurance company.

Here are some ways that you could benefit from a life settlement:

  1. Turn a Financial Burden into a Valuable Asset: If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the rising premiums or simply no longer need your life insurance policy, a life settlement could be the solution. Instead of letting your policy lapse or surrendering it for a fraction of its value, you can convert it into a substantial cash payment that can be used to fund retirement, pay off debts, or enjoy the things that matter most to you.
  2. Maximize Your Policy’s Value: Did you know that many policyholders are unaware of the true value of their life insurance? Life settlements allow you to unlock the hidden potential in your policy and access a higher payout than what your insurance company might offer. Our team of experts specializes in evaluating policies and connecting you with qualified investors who are willing to pay a premium for your policy’s value.
  1. Flexible Options for All Policy Types: Whether you hold a term, universal, or whole life policy, a life settlement can be a viable option for you.
  2. Simple and Streamlined Process: Worried about complicated paperwork or lengthy procedures? Fear not! Our dedicated team of professionals will guide you through the entire process, making it as simple and stress-free as possible. From policy valuation to closing the transaction and receiving the funds,, we’ll handle all the details, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.


The Canadian Life Settlements Program

How does the Canadian Life Settlements program work?
Canadian Life Settlements has pioneered innovative financial solutions for individuals or companies who wish to utilize their life insurance assets now, in a manner that many don’t realize is possible. Canadian Life Settlements will review your existing life insurance policy(s) and determine if it can be used as collateral for an advance or if it is eligible for an outright sale. If you qualify, Canadian Life Settlements will offer you access to the Fair Value of your policy either through an advance or by purchasing your policy and in either case will take over the premium payments of your policy.
How is the amount of the Canadian Life Settlements advance or outright purchase determined?

The amount Canadian Life Settlements will pay you is based on several factors, including:

  • The projected life expectancy of the insured
  • The net death benefit of the life insurance policy
  • The projected amount of remaining life insurance policy premium payments
  • The type of policy and specific life insurance company

In most cases the amount Canadian Life Settlements will advance is considerably higher than the Cash Surrender Value that will be offered by your insurer, but is less than the policy’s death benefit.

Are there any restrictions on how I use the proceeds from my advance or outright sale?
No, there are no restrictions on how you use the funds advanced to you.  The money is yours to use as you wish.
How long does the Canadian Life Settlements process take?

There are several stages to the process. Generally, the Canadian Life Settlements process can provide you with a formal offer letter within five days of receiving a completed application and a verification of the eligibility and details of your life insurance policy.

Once you accept the offer, we will need to either change the life insurance policy’s ownership and beneficiary status to Canadian Life Settlements or, collaterally assign the policy to Canadian Life Settlements. This part of the process can take four to six weeks.  Once confirmation is received from the life insurance carrier, we can generally advance funds within two business days.

How will I receive my Canadian Life Settlements advance or the proceeds of sale to Canadian Life Settlements?

Once approved and processed, you will receive your advance either in a lump sum by cheque or wire to your bank, or periodic payments if that’s what you prefer with direct deposit to your bank account.

Who pays the premiums on my life insurance policy?
Canadian Life Settlements will take over payment of all remaining premiums on your life insurance policy whether you choose a Life Advance or a Life Settlement.
Are there fees associated with a Canadian Life Settlements advance or outright purchase?

Canadian Life Settlements offers a hassle-free program with zero application fees or extraneous expenses. An upfront fee is only required if medical underwriting is necessitated, but rest assured, this cost is fully reimbursed upon the successful completion of your life settlement transaction.

Will I have to pay taxes on the advance offered by Canadian Life Settlements?

The funds advanced or offered for purchase under the Canadian Life Settlements program are generally not taxable. However, since each individual situation is unique, and Canadian Life Settlements does not provide tax, legal or financial advice, we recommend you speak with your legal, tax or financial planning advisor.

If I choose to sell my policy, will I be able to buy it back from Canadian Life Settlements?
There are no stipulations in the Canadian Life Settlements contract that oblige it to sell a policy back to the original seller. However, the insured on a policy can contact Canadian Life Settlements if they would like to engage on this matter.


How do I qualify for the Canadian Life Settlements program?

You qualify to apply if you have a valid life insurance policy and:

  1. Are over the age of 70 (both insured’s if a joint, last to die policy) or
  2. Are under age 70 and believe that you have a significant medical issue that will significantly impair your longevity
Canadian Life Settlements must assess each application for a Life Advance or Life Settlement or its own merits and not every situation will result in an Offer.
What types of life insurance policies will Canadian Life Settlements accept?

We can accept individual, group and employer-provided term or whole life insurance policies, and no cash surrender value is required.  There are several requirements for eligibility, including:

  • Your life insurance policy must be issued by a Canada-based life insurance company
  • Your policy must be transferable or collaterally assignable to Canadian Life Settlements
  • Your policy must have been issued at least two years prior to your application forthis program.
  • You must have one or more life insurance policies with a total death benefit of at least $100,000
If I’m unemployed or don’t have a good credit rating, can I still qualify?

Your credit rating, repayment ability and employment status are not factors we consider.  The details of your life insurance policy and perhaps your medical history are the primary factors for consideration.

What if my medical status changes before I receive the Life Advance or Life Settlement from Canadian Life Settlements?
If your medical status changes drastically before you are extended funds, the advance amount or amount offered for outright sale may be opened for re-evaluation. Clients and Canadian Life Settlements are usually in frequent contact during the stages before any funds are advanced, so any changes will be quickly incorporated into Canadian Life Settlements’ forecasts and communicated.


Who will have access to my medical information?

In the course of carrying on its business, Canadian Life Settlements necessarily acquires and maintains nonpublic personal information, including highly sensitive medical information, about its potential applicants, actual applicants and customers. Although Canadian Life Settlements is not a ‘health information custodian’ (as that term is used in the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 of Ontario), Canadian Life Settlements does obtain, use and disclose ‘personal health information’ (again as that term is used in the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 of Ontario) in order to conduct its business – and thus Canadian Life Settlements has established and implemented a privacy policy to safeguard the personal health information that it receives.

All officers and employees of Canadian Life Settlements, as well as any contractors, consultants, agents or affiliates engaged by Canadian Life Settlements to assist in its business (all together the “officers, employees and contractors”), are expected to adhere to Canadian Life Settlements’ privacy policy. This means that they are permitted to use personal health information only for the business purposes of Canadian Life Settlements. Each officer, employee and contractor, as a necessary condition of employment or engagement with Canadian Life Settlements, is subject to the same requirements for the protection of such personal health information. 

To that end, Canadian Life Settlements employs and maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard individuals’ personal health and financial information and to restrict its use and disclosure to Canadian Life Settlements’ officers, employees and contractors who need to know and use such information. Canadian Life Settlements will dispose of the personal health and financial information, when it is no longer needed for the business tasks, by modifying the information to make it unreadable or undecipherable, by erasing, shredding or other means. Canadian Life Settlements may also dispose of such information by contracting with a third party vendor engaged in the business of disposing of records.

Who will have access to my confidential, personal and financial information?
All insurance policy information including that specific to the insured individuals named on a policy are maintained in the strictest confidence at Canadian Life Settlements. We are advocates of strong regulation and support the highest standards of conduct because we know securing consumer trust ensures the industry’s long-term success.

Please refer to the section on confidentiality of medical information for Canadian Life Settlements’ privacy policies.

Apply to get your policy valuation!


  • You must have one or more life insurance policies with a total death benefit (face value) of at least $100,000.
  • You must be either over the age of 70, or under age 70 and believe that you have a serious medical issue that will significantly impair your longevity.

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