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Helping Canadians Access the Value in Life Insurance Policies, on their terms.

An insurance policy is an asset that can make a significant difference to your financial situation in retirement, or in the event of a serious illness, during your lifetime!

Life’s inevitable changes mean that life insurance coverage that was necessary when it was purchased may become redundant or unaffordable later in life. In situations like these, it is prudent for a policy owner to consider the options for exiting their insurance contract, with the ideal choice being one that maximizes their financial outcome and peace of mind.

Life Insurance Liquidity Options Inc. offers innovative financial solutions for individuals who wish to exit their life insurance policy during their lifetime. In most cases these options will provide a significantly better financial outcome for disposing of your insurance assets than the alternatives of halting premium payments, or cashing in the policy with the financial institution providing coverage. Let's explore together how you and your family can benefit from your life insurance policy, today.

When Life Insurance Makes Sense

Most Canadians are familiar with the typical reasons for taking out life insurance coverage. Your interest in life insurance may have been based on a desire to safeguard your family’s prosperity, insulate your business from key person risk, and/or protect your family’s investments from excess taxation.

Protecting Your Family

You may have purchased a life insurance policy to safeguard your family's future. That could mean allowing your family to continue living in their dream home, or ensuring that your child will be able to attend the school that they always wanted.

Protecting Your Business

You may have purchased life insurance to protect the future of your business. Perhaps you insured the key people in your company or purchased policies for the partnership or shareholder's agreement.

Protecting Your Investments

Perhaps you were concerned with the tax liabilities accruing within your real estate assets or other investment holdings. The coverage would take care of paying the income tax that is owed on the capital gains and other income so that your family could keep the estate intact.

Are you questioning if you still need the same level of life insurance, or any at all?

What happens when life circumstances change, and the reasons for maintaining a life insurance policy no longer apply? Perhaps your children have grown-up and achieved financial independence, you’ve sold or are planning to sell your business, or your investments no longer carry the same punishing tax burden. Perhaps an unforeseen medical condition and /or financial setback has made accessing funds today more valuable than in the future.

Unfortunately, most Canadians are not aware of the full range of options for dealing with a life insurance policy that is unneeded or impractical to their immediate life circumstance. In many cases, uninformed consumers decide to stop paying premiums and void their insurance contract altogether, or they surrender their policy to their life insurance carrier in return for a small cash surrender value. Thousands of these concessions are made by Canadians every year, and it results in millions of dollars in lost face value that will never be paid out. Is it any wonder that insurance companies would prefer that you lapse your policy in your senior years? In such situations, the insurance companies receive something for providing nothing in return.

Canadians, country-wide, can now access alternative liquidity methods; which may result in much greater present values for life insurance contracts than are otherwise available through Canadian insurance carriers.

Life Settlements in Canada

Life insurance policies that have been sold are referred to as a life settlements in Canada. Just like any other asset you own, your life insurance policy can be sold to a third party. In the case of life insurance, selling a policy to a third party means selling it to someone other than the insurer, for an amount less than face value (the death benefit) and greater than the surrender value. In such situations, the third party who purchases the policy becomes the responsible party for paying all policy premiums, removing the insured from all financial obligations to the insurance carrier.
In many cases, the amount received will be substantially higher than that offered by an insurance company on surrender. This represents a more equitable economic value to the financial consumer as a return for years of diligently making premium payments.

Basic Liquidity Options

Transferring the Ownership (Life Settlement)

Transfer For Life ™
In this option, you can choose to unlock a higher value for your life insurance policy by completing a Full Surrender or a Partial Surrender with LILO Inc. This is often called a Life Settlement. As the name suggests, a Full Surrender means selling your entire insurance policy, and in exchange, receiving market value for the policy in the form of a cash payment. However, if there is a desire to retain a portion of your life insurance coverage for your estate beneficiaries, Life Insurance Liquidity Options Inc. can also facilitate a partial life settlement as well. In this case, a portion of the benefit payed out at the maturity of your insurance policy will go to your heirs and a portion will be paid to LILO Inc.

Borrowing Against Your Policy Death Benefit

Life Advancement ™
A life advance is a loan secured by your life insurance policy. It can be advanced as either a lump sum or a systematic advance. All life advances are secured only by your life insurance contract with no recourse to other assets you may own. There are no interest payments to make on your life advance during your lifetime and any residual value in your policy will still go to your stated beneficiaries at the maturity of your policy.

The LPV™

During a Life Policy Valuation™, your policy and personal circumstances will be thoroughly analyzed by the team at Life Insurance Liquidity Options Inc.  to determine a present value for your policy. The present value of a life insurance policy is based on numerous factors, but the primary determinants of value are the following:

  • The projected life expectancy of the insured individual on the life insurance policy
  • The net death benefit of the life insurance policy
  • The projected amount of remaining life insurance policy premium payments
  • The type of policy and specific life insurance company
You have diligently paid your life insurance premiums to upkeep your policy, which in many cases will have represented a substantial financial investment. Just like any other valuable piece of personal property, you should make an effort to determine your policy’s market value and consider all options before making any decisions in its regard.

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